redwood fence around tree.


The two front posts are hollow. The idea is to fill them with gravel and water the tree at the roots. I orginally wanted to go down twenty-four inches, but had to settle for twelve. The posts near the street are solid walnut, 2-1/2 inches square and rabbeted. The slats were to go on the outside of the rails, but the car is in the way, and this also reduces the volume of soil needed, and maybe gives room for bad parkers. The fencing at the street is mostly futon slats, which needed to be cut to fit, as the roots of the tree are above the sidewalk there. The redwood is a mix of tongue and groove siding and regular planks. I gave them all a bevel to match.  They are glued and nailed to the rails.  Almost no wood was purchased in the construction of this planter. (The walnut plank was purchased years ago on ebay.)

Five hours to build, and five hours to install.

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