Two Pentomino Sets, and three from 2001


Two more sets.  Click to enlarge.

Two more sets of pentominoes.   The woods:  V:  Basswood, Z:  Cherry, F:  Koa, I:  Yellow Pine, Ebony, L:Maple, P:  Holly, N:  White Oak, T: Mulberry, U:  Padouk, W:  Poplar, X: Bubinga, Bolivian Rosewood, Y:  Fir, Red Oak, D:  Yew.  The Frames are Cherry.  The boards are 9mm Baltic Birch, with 1/16 inch width grooves.


I visited friends in Paris in June of 2001.  I hadn’t finished the pentomino sets to use as gifts, so the first day there I tried to buy some shellac flakes and alcohol.  No, I don’t speak a word of French.  The funny thing, when I finally found some in the equivalent of a Home Depot,  they were manufactured a few blocks from where I was staying.

Mahogany frames leveled with red filler before finishing.

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