building board

 July 17


Bases made from two inch oak lumbercore 16 x 28, 2×2 white oak, walnut, and pine uprights.  Casters on bases.  Building board 10 foot yellow pine 2×10 screwed to bases.  There is a slight crown on the board which needs to be leveled with a power plane.  The board needs to be extended 9-1/2 inches:  Breadboard ends will accomplish this.

July 18


Found a couple of pieces of mahogany for noses.  4 #20 biscuits attach noses to ends.   I realized they only had to support the bow and stern molds, so they aren’t full-width.  About twenty passes with a power planer took off the crown.  The molds here are simply balanced:  cleats another day.  1-3/8 inch holes on the bow and stern molds to laminate the stem pieces.  1/16″ thick strips 5/8″ wide and 32″ long in yellow pine are ready for lamination.

July 19


Molds attached to cleats and fixed in place.  I need to redo the bow and stern molds to make it easier to remove them .

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