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Redwood fence around tree, with benches

Friday, June 13th, 2008



Here’s the tree box with two benches attached. The slats are maple (Vermont Maple, from a discarded futon frame) and the frame and braces are yellow pine. A 2 x 12 ten feet long was hanging in the rafters for a few years after I brought it home from my mothers house, where it had been hanging in the rafters for more than thirty years. A bookcase project (future article) required a base to clamp against, so I cut the plank down to eight feet by nine inches. It’s still the flattest piece of real wood that size I have ever owned. So, two feet leftover, and a 2 x 2 eight feet long provided all the lumber I needed for the construction of the two benches, which are 40 inches long and a foot wide. The frames are made with bridle joints glued first, and then reinforced with screws that hold the outer slats. The outer slats are attached to the frame along their length, and the inner slats are screwed to the frame only at the ends, so they are springy. The braces are two pieces of one by two glued together. The angle is 30 degrees, one piece is cut short to make a rabbet to fit around the frame. All the wood was clear; such a pleasure to use. The slats and the braces are beveled on their edges all around.

Four hours for the two benches, one hour for the braces, and one hour to install. Two one-mile walks to deliver; benches and braces. That’s me (finkh, Howard Fink) and the client admiring the result.

Location: Third Street between B and C, New York, New York.