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Monday, December 14th, 2009

finished.jpgThe soma cube is a 3D puzzle made from six of the eight tetromino (tetris) shapes and one c-shaped triomino.  Four cubes can be assembled in eight ways.  The soma cube dropped the square and the spear, and added the C to make 27 unit cubes with seven pieces.



A few years ago I realized that two complete sets of tetrominoes in 3D would add up to 64 unit cubes.  This would make a four by four by four cube if it could be assembled.   So this past week I cut wood, making enough pieces for ten sets.



The pile of pieces are the cutoffs from the rectangular blanks.  The stack in front is cut pieces.

So far (200912302122), 3 sets of supersoma and 6 sets of soma: 1 and 2 completed, respectively.