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Pentomino Production

Monday, April 12th, 2010


Three sets completed.  Two coats of oil/urethane, two coats of wax.  Now on etsy, pentomino wooden puzzle.


Nine boards:  three coats shellac, two coats wax.


About six sets of pentominoes, drying on pinboards made from cardboard and staples.  These pieces were cut some time ago.  I milled the edges with a 45 degree router bit, a new one with a 3/16″ diameter ball bearing, which reached much further in than the 3/8″ bearing I’ve used in the past.  New blades for a utility cutter still did not do a great job notching out the remaining corners (a masons miter).  I set up a grinder with a felt wheel and charged it with rouge, and polished the edge of the blade.  The sharpened blade made a big difference, and I sharpened the blade four times for 300 notches in 90 pieces.  Liquid hide glue cut 6:1 with water is the glue size.  The water raises the grain, the glue hardens the nibs, and the sandpaper slices them off.


To sand.  It’s a few minutes a piece.  This is the critical sanding.