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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


Beveled the bow and stern stems on a stationary belt sander.  Nailed on the sheer strips with a nail gun.  Yellow pine tags tended to split; need to cut plywood tags for spreading the force of the nail and keeping the head above the strip.  After mounting both sheers I was unsatisfied with the stern; the strips were not resting on mold 7.  I undid the stern assembly and cut off two inches after determining the intersection of the sheers.  Reassembled, reglued the sheers to the stern stem and all is fair.

The cleats at bow and stern are redone to facilitate removing the molds once the hull is complete.  Now I can get a screwdriver in between the molds and remove two screws for each mold with the driver held horizontally.  This turned out to be handy when I redid the stern.  The whole process took fifteen minutes.



Twelve strips.



Twenty strips.







August 23, 2010




August 26, 2010  67 strips.

Gluing the stems

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

 July 21


Five 1/16 inch strips of yellow pine laminated.  I intend to glue on three more to get a full 1/2 inch.
Two more strips were all that were needed to bring the thickness to the level of the adjacent mold.

building board

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

 July 17


Bases made from two inch oak lumbercore 16 x 28, 2×2 white oak, walnut, and pine uprights.  Casters on bases.  Building board 10 foot yellow pine 2×10 screwed to bases.  There is a slight crown on the board which needs to be leveled with a power plane.  The board needs to be extended 9-1/2 inches:  Breadboard ends will accomplish this.

July 18


Found a couple of pieces of mahogany for noses.  4 #20 biscuits attach noses to ends.   I realized they only had to support the bow and stern molds, so they aren’t full-width.  About twenty passes with a power planer took off the crown.  The molds here are simply balanced:  cleats another day.  1-3/8 inch holes on the bow and stern molds to laminate the stem pieces.  1/16″ thick strips 5/8″ wide and 32″ long in yellow pine are ready for lamination.

July 19


Molds attached to cleats and fixed in place.  I need to redo the bow and stern molds to make it easier to remove them .