Flap Sander


I am sanding the shoulders of the Sounder, and the yellow pine is second growth, somewhat softer than old growth.  The difference between spring wood and summer wood is pronounced, and using a sanding mop produces a Shou-sugi-ban finish.  I wanted a full-width flap.


I  made 3 – 4″ octagons 2″ thick.  I had a 2″ polishing head that would mount in the drill press.  Using a 1/16″ blade, I cut 16 slots in the faces of the octagon.  Using hot glue, I glued in 16 2″ x 4″ flaps of 120 grit sanding belt.  I also ran a bead of glue just behind the flap.


Works like a charm.  Wear gloves.


This is what happens if you use staples. Now you see why I made three octagons. The last one uses 240 grit paper.

Update: the latest version has 32 flaps. I made an octagonal column, and cut nine two inch thick octagons.

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